Nice lil groove!
All Good Funk Alliance

This latest long-player is sitting on our Broken Beat/Nu-Jazz page, but to be fair there's not that much "nu" about it and much of what's here could safely be filed under straight-up Jazz - which, by the way, is an indication of its quality, not a complaint!
Juno Download

Sounds great!
Jonathan Finegold (owner Fine Gold Music/A&R executive for Island Records, Q/Atlantic Records & Robbins/BMG) *5/5*

Great album! I support "Ghost Capture" and adding "Safe" to my regular rotation!
DJ Drew (Radio Z103.5 FM, CA) 5*/5*

Perfect! Nice sounds and great vocalists!
Gabriel Bouffiere (DJ/Musician, DE) *5/5*

Nice album!
Manos Stamatakis /Mousiko Kanali Radio, GR/ *5/5*

Nice vibes!
Dimitris Argyropoulos /Love Yourself Magazine, GR/ *4/5*

Great music, thank you!
DJ Catfish /DE/ 4*/5*

Great album!
Κonstantinos Pantzoglou (Copywriter | Radio Presenter at Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, GR) 5*/5*

Great music, thank you!
MTV Catfish the TV Show 4*/5*

Excellent slice of the album!
Graig Charles (BBC 6Music Radio), *4/5*

This is a lush selection!
TNGC Radio, UK, *4/5*

supports this track 'Play the Game' feat Tiffany Blu
Nick Rayman (Barricade Radio, UK), *4/5*

Manos Stamatakis(Mousiko Kanali FM, GR), *5/5*

Amazing album, really!
Vagelis DJ Bac, GR, *5/5*

Nice album, love these track!
Sven Dr Best (Radio Z, DE), *5/5*

Awesome vibe!
Banks Radio, AU, *5/5*

Very very nice!!!
Umbo (DJ/Producer, Croatia), *5/5*

2BOB Radio, AU, *5/5*

Total support of course!
Radio Krimi, FR, *5/5*

Aris Kokou (DJ, Produser, Musician), GR, *5/5*

Daniel J Harris (Soupy Gato Show), USA, *5/5*

Super cool records!
Gary Shepherd Streamer (DJ/Producer, NL), *4/5*

Very good radio stuff!
Scheibosan (DJ/Producer, Austria), *4/5*

Mandy Morrow (RadioWey, UK), *4/5*

“Nice one!”
Alex Rastafalex (Canibal Radio, GR), *4/5*

Late Night Dream, FR, *5/5*

Nomadprods, FR, *5/5*

Very smooth jazzy vives. Great product!
Zamali, (DJ, Producer), BE, *4/5*

Dj Inko, GR, *5/5*

 Soulful, jazzy funk. I'm looking forward to hearing the whole album.
DJ Tbird1, ESP, *4/5*

Great Loved it!
Apostolos Argyris, GR, *4/5*

That's very good stuff!
Drop Track, EU, *4/5*

We will be premiering "Play the Game" on 'Alternative Arena' on Sunday night!
973FM (BlastsThatLast), Singapore

Banging track. Tune to remember.
James Carlyle, *4/5*

Nice project all tracks so good!
Nate Zaru (marketing strategist, product builder), USA, *4/5*

support " Summer Soul" feat. Tiffany Blu.
Francesco Adinolfi (Popcorner Radio Show, RAI, Italy, *4/5*

This is the most interesting album!
MustBeat Crew, HU, *5/5*

DJ Sparky, GR, *4/5*

Wow! That was the first word that came out of my mouth with the first track "Sofia's Street Lights". I'm still saying, Wow! It's obvious Konstantin knows what he is doing. Mass props to you, sir!
DJ Jazzy L - Jazzy Lounge Radio (Live365) / WNUR FM)

Would love to see this band live!
Sneak-E Pete - Blunted Funk - San Francisco

as if Janis Joplin was still alive and performing these songs for us with her band!!!
Clairvo - Tilos Radio FM90.3 / Freelance Reviewer

Love Rhythm by Rhythm. Great stuff!! Full support!!
Diesler - A LIttle Something Radio / Here & Now Recordings / You Dig? Manchester

Frank McWeeny - D.I.Y. Radio / French Radio London / Shoreditch Radio

Love this! So funky and jazzy! "You Will Be Done" reminds me of Yello, which is a huge favorite. Great work!
DJ Firefly - WRCT 88.3 FM (Pittsburgh, PA)

It is great to hear a solid piece of work that incorporates disparate elements and melds them together seamlessly in a crystalized "World View" for the ears and the dance floors. Reminiscent of some of my favorite "Acid Jazz" hybrids. Connecting rhythms from throughout the world
Lemar Soulflower - Soul Deep NYC / WFMU

Every one of these selections is a sure shot. Thank you for the promo!!! Wooooooooo Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
DJ Emskee - WBAI 99.5 FM in NYC

daaamn, can't chose the best track here! totally in love with the entire ep, will play for sure!! thanks
Giovanni Damico - White Rabbit / Landed / Faces / DeepArt Sounds

Great stuff here!
Igor Marijuan - ibiza Sonica FM

Some very nice tunes. Really like Rhythm by Rhythm tune.
Freddy Fresh -Howlin' Records / Electric Music Foundation

Super cool ... great song with a very danceable party feeling. Funky Fresh !!!
Double-D - Funky Fresh Radio Show/ Radio X / Play.FM

Good funky stuff!
Bruno Lepretre - Ibiza Global Radio

DJ Enne - Electunes / Karmaloft Music

Groovy, funky, jazzy! Love it !!!!!
Aja Allsop - Ketch A Vibe Radio Show - weekly on The Coast Radio, Samurai FM, RP Radio

Sweeter than a bowl of ripe cherries! Loving the KMJ sound :)
Jamie Topham - CD Pool | JT Music Media Man | Summer Soulstice

DJ Wash (Funk the System / Butter Music): Awesome release! this is so groovy!!!!
DJ Wash - Funk the System / Butter Music

Oh, that's funky!
Robert Jan Meyer - Minus 8/Compost / Stereo Deluxe / Radio 1

'Rhythm By Rhythm' is perfect for my sets.
Alejandro Ramirez - Plimsoll Records/UrbanWorld Records

Jamzzzzz .. love them all !
SimonG - Deep South Audio/Volcano Radio / 0fm / MyHouseYourHouse Radio

Sofia's Street Lights is damn hot!
Frank - All Good Funk Alliance / Fort Knox Recordings

Nice shoes! Catchy!
Andreas Kinzl - Aromabar / INFRACom! / Play.FM

Very funky!
Herbert Bachhofer - One Note Samba Radio Show on

Very good stuff. Thank!
Quincy Jointz - Timewarp Music Radio Show / Radio / / Ibiza Global Radio

Organic solid funkness? Yes and i'm in... After his first ''Smile'' the Sofia based producer starts talking and he is talking loud! Αnd i really like thefact that sound so Cold Busted, even mister T. in few years with his band... The Latinofrique/percussive ''Rhythm By Rhythm'' is super DJ weapon,… read more
DJ Nova - Rodon FM 95 / Nova Planet Radio Show

Feeling Rhythm by Rhythm the rest felt like well worn territory.
Rusty - All Good Funk Alliance / Funk Weapons / Super Hi-Fi

Great grooves!
Kid Loco - Flor / Tromolo Records

Smoke filled funk here... :O)
Michael Stukes WHCR 90.3 FM (New York) / Mystic Vybes Radio Show

It is great to hear a solid piece of work that incorporates disparate elements and melds them together seamlessly in a crystalized "World View" for the ears and the dance floors. Reminiscent of some of my favorite "Acid Jazz" hybrids. Connecting rhythms from throughout the world
Lemar Soulflower Soul Deep NYC / WFMU

Party starters! Yes will enjoy playing these.
Phat Phil Cooper - NuNorthern Soul / KAT Records / Sick Trumpet

Super groove as always & nice stuff here. Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!
Laurent N. - 12 Monthly Radio Shows: Nice 102.3 FM, House Nation Radio,, Buddha-Bar Podcast

Trotter - Royal Soul Records

Live funk at its best! Masters of their craft, Koka Mass Jazz does not disappoint. Standout tracks for me were Freedom and Rhythm By Rhythm..
Mojo Rising - Cold Busted / Journees Music / F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Nice vibes throughout!
Danny Ward - Moodymanc / Dubble D / 2020:Vision

Nice one!
BMD - XLNT / Tru:Funk / Timewarp Music

When it comes to funk the room, Koka Mass Jazz is a must-have. Very cool!
DJ Nartak (Nightflight & Klassik Lounge - radio show on Klassik Radio + Sceen.FM ("")

Fun stuff!!
Mark Farina - Great Lakes Recordings / Mushroom Jazz / Om Records

Wonderful collection of top tunes, thank you!
Adam Warped - Whiskey Pickle / Strange Days on Hypersonic Radio

Great album! Full support by west radio! Thanks!
John P. - WestRadio (manager) / Adult Radio Mix show

Superb release, many good tunes it all the way.
Niksa Dragolin - Eurostar Radio 101.7 FM

Nice funky vibe
Jesse De La Peña - 89.5 & 90.7FM (music programmer) / WBEZ 91.5 FM

Eric Tchaikovsky - Night Light Sound System

Nice dry funky sound to these tracks... Freedom is definitely the favourite, will be aiming to drop that at peak time in my DJ set.
Roger Cowell - The Joint Sessions Berlin

Cool Grooves!
Ket Shah - Mucho Soul / weekly radio show on Back2Back FM

Very nice rhythms!
Carlitos Corcho (Chang) - Red Bull Music Academy, Chang Bang

Great work! a fine symbiosis between organic and electronic elements - while keeping the groove spot on.
DJ Doubles - Freestyle Fusion - weekly radio show on Urgent FM

Very nice stuff...well produced... is worth and it needs a deeper listening..! ...will play some of dem during my sessions...
riccicomoto - Ibiza Global Radio / Irma Records

Rather enjoyed this album! Thank you!
Anna Benton - Sound Fusion Radio

So stoked to find a Cold Busted promo in my inbox! Very nice release 'Mr DJ' is my favourite cut, will be giving the EP some airplay and dancefloor workouts for sure!
Morphosis - The Hong Kong Ping Pong Club / NSB Radio / Ghetto Funk

Love the album - the musicians have some serious funk chops and the
Sam Hopkins - AccuRadio (Head of Programming)

Nice production and vibe will be played in my sets!
Marco - Radio 105 "In Da Klub" / Tendenzia Radio Network / Gold Paradise Milano

Good stuff as ever!
Andy Riley - Inland Knights / Toka Project / Drop Music

Amir Groove - Monday Deep Session with Amir on Ibiza Sonica Radio / DeepClass Records

Now I'm ready to party.
David Bassin - Freefall weekly radio show - KUSF in Exile / RadioPellenera / Space Invader Radio / Live1.FM

Sandro Bianchi - Ibiza Sonica / Loca FM / Radio Circulo

Records Cool grooves as usual!
Marc dB - Iron Horse - Die Trying Records / Pawn Shop

Lotsa chilled soul jammining grooves here. The latin vocals are a good change up to.
Marc Lacasse - SHIFT Radio on UMFM 101.5 / Urbnet / Jackhouse Reviewer

Rockit! xx
Markus Schaper - Byte.FM

Solide grooves, i like that much. Big up
Zamali - Timewarp / AudioTracker (music blog)

Love this!!
DJMarkCooper - Bedford Falls Players / Cosmic Moonbase / Solid Gold / Bloxbox Records / Endemic Digital

Mass..ive!!!! So Groovy!
Black Mighty Wax - Irma Records / weekly radio shows on Gru Radio 93.3 FM + Radio Città Fujiko 103.1 FM

Great funky moments!
Robert Lochmann - The Jazzmadass Radio Show on Radio X /

Full support!
DJ Bonehead - 93.5 KNCE

... so funky, so groovy !!! great !!! thks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wazac Martin - The Waz Experience / FM4

Tracks for me, I will play it on Alma Dreams Radio Show. Thanks!
Javier Varez - Alma Soul Music / Alma Dreams Weekly Radio Show / Ibiza Global Radio / Tunnel FM / Constanza FM

This calls for a remix ep ...great material
Gunta Kinte - Timewarp Music

Cool release... love it ;-)
DJ Massivefunk - Pig Balls Records / 4MidiLoop Traktor Controller / Funky Bombs

Good works!
Trio - Bocca Grande / Rebirth / Four Roses / Mathematics

Thank you! love this one!
Gianluca Peruzzi - Social Kids / Less Conv Records / Presslab Records/ Nite Groove

Luca Micheloni - Thenetwork Radio

Super! Excellent funky vibes!
Piiit - Septante Sept / So Watt

Thank you!
Liza Richardson - KCRW 89.9 FM

Jazz meets funk. Lots of good stuff here!
Zack Hill - VinylTribe LA / TribeRadio Podcast

"Sofia's Street Lights" ist my favorite from this package! Also nice: "You will be done".
Sven Thomschke - Dr. Best / Radio Z ('Headz' & 'Limbo Rhythm' shows) / Club: 'Rockit!

Matt Sonzala - Radio KAOS (Pushermania's Playlist Radio Show)

Keeping the funk alive!!
Sharif Galal - Triple J Radio